Introducing your 2020-2021 Student Leaders

Morgan Mayorga and Maya Chinai

With having the Class Council elections online, Sage Creek students should get to know their Class Presidents. Meet this year’s Class Council Presidents: Ariana Ramos, Davian Rangel, Faith Klein, and Ella Clark.

This is Ariana Ramos, the freshman Class President. Not only does she have plenty of leadership experience being in her middle school ASB and Girl Scouts, she also is a dancer. (Photo Courtesy of Ariana Ramos)

Meet the Freshman Class President for the Class of 2024, Ariana Ramos. Running for class president, Ramos wanted to take a step out of her comfort zone and try something new, as she thought it would be a great way to be involved with the school.

Ramos has plenty of experience in leadership. She was in ASB last year in her middle school and has been a girl scout for the past 10 years. Her goals for the year include upping the school spirit and making sure that everyone is involved, especially with school being online.

Ramos’s plan for a successful year is to hold plenty of fundraisers and communicate with students through social media. She is excited to make new friends as well as meeting new people. A fun fact about Ramos is that she is a dancer and has been dancing her whole life.

This is Davian Rangel, the sophomore Class President. This is his second year as Class President along with being in ASB. Not only is he a leader but he also has been doing mixed martial arts since he was seven. (Photo Courtesy of Davian Rangel)Meet the Sophomore Class President for the Class of 2023, Davian Rangel. As well as serving previously as the freshman class president last year, Rangel has experienced many roles of leadership through his years in ASB.

This year, Rangel is determined to make a change in the way that Class Council funds are used. He hopes to use the money towards something for our sophomore or junior year rather than saving it all for senior year.

In order to make for a successful year, Rangel hopes to find any way they can to support the Class of 2023 and looks forward to doing great things with the new group of student leaders. A fun fact about Davian is that he has been doing MMA since he was seven years old.

This is Faith Klein, the junior Class President. This year marks her third year as Class President along with her second year in the Carlsbad District Student Leadership Council. A fun fact about Klein is that she has a large family. (Photo Courtesy of Faith Klein)

Next let’s introduce the Junior Class President for the Class of 2022, Faith Klein. This is Klein’s third year as class president along with partaking in the Carlsbad District Student Leadership Council for the last two years. She wanted to become president because she wants to take on the responsibility of the students’ needs.

“I love having to be able to have the power to change things that I know that we want,” says Klein.

A goal she sets for this year is to be able to hold fundraisers online transferring it to change to virtual at least for now.

A goal that she sets is to raise up to $1,000 in class funds while still staying safe, in order to purchase merchandise. Creating merch is something that she’s looking forward to doing as it was an objective last year as well. A fun fact about Klein is that she has a really big family having seven siblings and eight nieces and nephews.

This is Ella Clark, the senior Class President. This is her second year as president. Clark is also a dancer on Sage Creek’s Dance Company. (Photo Courtesy of Ella Clark)

Lastly, meet the Senior Class President for the Class of 2021, Ella Clark. Being Clark’s second year as class president, her goal for the senior class is to raise as much money as possible in order to have a memorable senior year and graduation.

Something she wants to change is the class’s participation in senior activities.

“[we] only have senior year of high school and I want to make sure everyone gets to enjoy that as much as they want to,”  Clark stated.

So in order to have a successful final year she wants to raise more money for them to enjoy graduation activities and graduation.

The event she is most excited about is going back and seeing everyone for the first time since March. And a fun fact about Clark is that she’s on Dance Company.