9/28/20-10/2/20: Week In Photos

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  • AP Biology teacher Allison Magee does a lab with her son while her students begin theirs at home. Students in AP Bio had been studying osmosis and were given a 3-day lab to see how eggs react in different solutions.

  • Junior Eva Jara works on her chemistry lab report about the transfer of energy. Online learning might set limits to how experiments can be conducted, but that won’t stop the science department from keeping class educational and fun.

  • Walmart is already stocking up on holiday paraphernalia months in advance of the winter holiday season. Every year, big brands sell their seasonal products earlier and at a lower price in order to get ahead of their competition.

  • Popular Halloween store, Spirit Halloween starts to reopen as October begins. Although, COVID-19 might alter Halloween traditions this year, Spirit Halloween continues to provide everything needed to get in the spirit!

  • Kids are playing soccer at Poinsettia Park as their coach instructs from the sidelines. Other recreational sports such as baseball and lacrosse have also started back up recently with safety guidelines in place.

  • President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden face off in the first round of the Presidential Debate on Sept. 29. Both candidates ended up off topic on multiple occasions, leading to the debate to be more chaotic than expected.

  • Locals maintain a distance of six feet between themselves and others while walking along Tamarack Beach. Social distancing has been a crucial factor in preventing the transmission of COVID-19 during the pandemic.

  • A Harvest moon rises over El Camino Real on Thursday night. These moons occur during or near the fall equinox.

  • Downtown Carlsbad bookstore, “Fahrenheit 451 Books” remains open for citizens to look and shop for books during the pandemic. This bookstore got it’s name after the famous novel by Ray Bradbury, “Fahrenheit 451”. Bradbury’s book takes place in a future dystopian society where books have been outlawed.

  • Carlsbad locals safely wear masks while they order ice cream on this hot fall night at “Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream”. One of downtown Carlsbad’s favorite ice cream shops, “Handel’s” first opened back in 1945, and has since brought delicious homemade ice cream to citizens all over the United States.

  • Various masks are worn by those when in public due to the facial covering mandate in California. Masks are recommended and sometimes mandatory when in public spaces to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

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