We May Not Have Control Over the Virus, but We Do Have Control Over Our Free Time

The district response to the coronavirus has been to shut down Carlsbad Unified Schools until April 13, leaving students with a great amount of free time on their hands.

We’re all used to the daily routines that we’ve adapted to: waking up in time for school at 7:30 a.m., attending classes, playing sports or working after school, coming home to complete our homework and then going to sleep. We’ve never had to consider the great change that would accompany the absence of school, but this past week has pushed the thought into our minds. What are we supposed to do with all of this free time? 

The school is currently working on a plan to provide our students with work over the break but regardless, we are going to be facing an immense shift in our schedules and we need to find ways to balance productivity at this time. 

Previously, “Productivity has overrun purpose,” journalist Charles McNulty states in his article in the Los Angeles Times in response to the coronavirus. Now is the time that we, as students, can extinguish the fine line between productivity and purpose and diffuse them into one. We now have the time to invest in our passions — or even find our passions— time that we’ve always envied others for having, but we’re now the ones with that privilege. Do you remember that long list of activities that you’ve been wanting to do for the longest time, but are always too busy to even consider doing? Now is the time to do those things. Get creative. Go find your passions. And do yourself a favor by continuing to want to learn and discover more. 

Design by Tiffany Leyva
Students are facing a great amount of free time on their hands due to the cancelation of school as a response to the coronavirus. This gives students the perfect opportunity to explore their passions, and cultivate new skills.

If you’re currently stuck in the situation where you have no idea what to do, I’m here to help. This is the time to go full on creative mode: go cook a delicious meal for your family or go bake the most decadent cookies imaginable; learn a new language (it may sound intimidating but it’s definitely worthwhile); try to paint or draw whatever crazy images come to mind; put together a video composed of clips that you’ve taken this year; read a book; watch highly recommended movies; clean your room; and maybe even workout at your house.

For juniors especially, studying for the SAT or ACT is always a good idea; channeling your current creativity into your Genius Project would be greatly beneficial; researching colleges will help you in the long run. 

Above all, do not allow your brain to go dead. Although it may feel like our typical spring or summer break, it is March 19: we have nearly three months of school left, whether or not we’re physically in school right now. It’s important to endure the momentum that we’ve been gaining over the course of the school year: we’ve worked extremely hard this year and we can’t let a virus get in the way of our ambitions and drives. That being said, continue to do your homework while “learning is optional,” hang onto those end-of-the-year goals that you initially made, and avoid sitting around all day doing nothing: remain productive.