What Started As A Way To Relax, Has Now Become An Addiction

Another controller thrown and broken – another kid loses a game in one of the most popular yet addicting games.

Fortnite was launched in 2017 but didn’t become popular until mid-2018. As of 2019, there are over 250 million people who log onto this game.

Two anonymous sources (we will call Jon and Cooper) have decided to come out and speak about the game.

People play for many hours on end. Jon is one of them, he explained that he played “on average 5 hours [a day].”

Others would disagree saying that a student shouldn’t spend more than a couple of hours a day playing this game.

Stephanie Gray, a counselor at Valley Middle School stated “… young brains are developing, high levels of screen time can affect psycho-social judgment.”

Playing for multiple hours on end can affect a student’s performance in school and how they act socially.

“It did affect my schoolwork [causing me to have] multiple zeros.” quoted Jon.

Photo Taken From Forbes
Popular YouTubers/Influencers post videos of themselves playing the game. A lot of people will watch these games daily to learn tips and strategies. Now they’ve invested time into not only playing the game but watching others play also.

People became very invested in this game. Such as wondering when updates will come out and watching videos online of famous YouTubers playing the game and winning by a hair.

People started to become worried and suspicious in mid-October when Fortnite was randomly shut down. People thought it was the end of the game, while others thought the company Epic Games was making some new updates to the game.

People couldn’t help but think the worst of the situation. “I was bored during that time period,” said Cooper. He didn’t know how to pass the slow 36 hours it was down.

After 36 hours had gone by people had once again logged on to the game to not only find it back up and running with a new look. This new look for the game and map had made people even more interested. People were wondering if they had added new weapons, skins or, vehicles.

YouTubers/Influencers had encouraged kids to spend money on the game to have the newest skins and dances. “The average Fortnite player who coughs up money spends $

84.67…” said Dave Gershgorn. 

Some would say that it’s very difficult to have an addiction to a game. Although with all of your friends around you and the number of videos showing up on your homepage on YouTube it’s hard not to want to play once. And when you play once it’s easy to continue to play the game for hours. This game is made so that you will lose by a hair. Which is why people play for so many hours. They’re always waiting to be the last person standing.

Gray has given some helpful tips on if you simply want to stop playing or if you want to cut down on the number of hours you do play. “…invest in other activities that are outside the home.”

Overall, this game has shown to be very addicting and is mostly used by younger kids with developing brains, showing how kids should learn time management so they make sure that they spend fewer hours on the game and more time doing their homework and getting exercise.