Photographic Location: Oceanside Pier


Photo by Kyle Ayson

Just below the Oceanside Pier, the wooden columns create a cinematic look that cuts across to the other side of the pier. The Pier was built in 1888 and was only 300 ft long, but after a few reconstructions, the total length has been multiplied into 1,954 feet.

At the heart of the Oceanside community resides the Oceanside Pier. The pier stretches out  a quarter-mile into the water. At the end of the pier is Ruby’s, a fitting diner for families, surfers and anyone around to enjoy an American style cuisine of the ‘50s. Opposite from the pier is a ramp that leads down to the beach, where you’ll find playgrounds, tourists and locals just enjoying quality time with themselves, family or friends.

Oceanside is just like any other beach around the West Coast of California, but what’s special about Oceanside is the infamous pier. Tourists come and go just to experience the feeling of being out in the open ocean. It’s also a lovely place to take photos of timeless memories.

Photo by Kyle Ayson
On a foggy Tuesday, the sun still shines bright on Oceanside Pier. You’ll find visitors come and go every now and then just to experience the breathtaking view of the ocean.

Speaking of making memories, Hannah (last name not specified) and her family, as well as Cathie Vargas and her daughter were able to come down to Oceanside Pier.

Surprisingly enough, this is the first time Hannah and her family visited this beach. 

“I hardly ever actually [go], I live in Escondido, so this is like the second time this year,” said Vargas. 

In spite of how many times they visited, it’s the experience and what they choose to do with the time they have spent at the beach or pier.

“I like that there’s a playground for my little daughter, I like the pier, I like it when they have food trucks, kinda just like that atmosphere,” said Cathie.

“It’s really nice, we haven’t been here very long, but we are enjoying it,” said Hannah.

Additionally, there are many activities at the beach, so there’s more enjoyment to the experience and more variety. Activities can include playing below at the beach playground, walking the stretch of the pier or even peering through the telescopes. 

 “We had lunch on the pier and the boys found a paddle,” said Hannah. 

Oceanside Pier is just one of the many places in the world, country or city you can visit and make memories. 

 “…taking photos. Tourist things,” said Hannah when asked how her time at the pier was spent.