Image courtesy of the Charlotte Observer.

Falcons at the Panthers

The struggling Falcons (2-7) faced the Panthers in North Carolina (5-4) on Sunday. The Falcons defense shut down Panthers quarterback Kyle Allen throughout the first half, allowing the Falcons offense to pull off two touchdowns and two field goals. The Panthers were unable to score in the first half and went into the third quarter down by twenty. 

Image courtesy of the Charlotte Observer.

The Falcons scored another touchdown late in the third quarter, oddly they tried for a two point conversion despite being up 20-0. The Panthers did not score any points in the third quarter. The fourth quarter began with the Falcons up 26-0. The Panthers got their first and only field goal of the game early in the fourth quarter. The Falcons got one last field goal after a sixty-four yard drive. The Falcons ultimately won 29-3. The Falcons are now (3-7) and the Panthers are (5-5). 

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