New School Year, New Opportunities

With a new school year comes students scrambling to think of ways to fill in their community service hours. There are many places in Carlsbad that can be great for not only your resume but your future endeavors in the workforce community service.

For some students trying to find places to get in those hours can be difficult. Here’s a brief list of ideas for students.

A small place you have probably passed by on your way to Costco or Legoland, and you’ve most likely taken a trip there when you were in elementary school: the Agua Hedionda Lagoon.

Photo Courtesy of Corey Ford
Monday through Thursday underprivileged students get the help they need to help them succeed in school. The Casa de Amistad has an amazing mission with some amazing volunteers.

The Agua Hedionda Lagoon offers so much. As the chief executive officer, Lisa Rodman stated students can learn “ the importance of a balanced approach with people interacting with their environment.” This lagoon can also interest students who just like animals and those who want to change or impact the world.

Community service is about giving back to our community, but that doesn’t just mean Carlsbad –  that can mean San Diego as a whole. Places such as Encinitas have some great opportunities, such as Casa de Amistad.

Casa de Amistad is an enlivening program that gives underprivileged students tutoring and mentoring. Program coordinator Corey Ford said “… high school age students 9th-12th grade during the academic year serves as tutors/mentors to younger students.”

This seems like a light shedding opportunity for high schoolers and younger students.

Those less fortunate than us are lucky to be near these amazing opportunities like the Community Resource Center helps support families who have been through so much.

This organization can also benefit you. By volunteering here it “… creates a sense of meaning and provides opportunities to develop work ethic and empathy,” quoted volunteer manager Sara Rosebaum.

Learning a good work ethic can help when it comes to leadership positions now and later on in life.

Photo Courtesy of Lizzie Hart
Volunteers have many responsibilities. Although spending time with the animals is one of the many benefits that comes from volunteering at The Rancho Coastal Humane Society.

The Rancho Coastal Humane Society is another great place for people who want to thrive when it comes to leadership positions and who love to work with animals.

Volunteering at the humane society has so many perks for students, even those who don’t prefer to work with animals when they’re older.

Lizzie Hart the humane education coordinator said, “ Students gain professional and life experiences” also “… develop new skills that they can use to build their resume.”

All of these organizations have so much to offer and students have so much to learn from these.

“You can learn just about anything you want!” stated Lisa Rodman (Agua Hedionda Lagoon)

For example, you can learn administrative work and how to work and interact with others. This applies not only to the lagoon but all of the other great volunteer opportunities as well.

These are just a few examples of some phenomenal organizations for students to be apart of. There are many more community service organizations and an abundance of different missions available for those looking to give back.