Joe Biden: “A Clean Energy Revolution”

Photo Taken From New York Post

Joe Biden: “A Clean Energy Revolution”

What the Top Five Democratic Presidential Candidates are Proposing Regarding Climate Change

Climate Change is the biggest existential threat of our time. As young people, climate change directly affects us and our future. According to NASA, the climate change we are both currently, and about to experience is “95% human-caused.” Global temperatures are rising, arctic sea ice is declining, and life-threatening catastrophic events are becoming more extreme and more frequent. The time to act is now. The government has immense power when it comes to how we move forward. What we and the government does in the coming years will determine whether we are to have an inhabitable planet and a healthy future for ourselves and the generations to come. Because of the direness of the situation, it is important to know what the presidential hopefuls are planning to do regarding the threat of climate change. Here are the top 5 candidates’ history and plans regarding the climate crisis…

Joe Biden (Former Vice President of the United States)
Kamala Harris (California Senator)
Bernie Sanders (Vermont Senator)
Pete Buttigieg (Mayor, South Bend Indiana)
Elizabeth Warren (Senator Representing Massachusetts)

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