Club Rush a Rousing Success


Photographer: Calvin Murphy Senior, Nic Reynoso, signs up for a favorite club of his during club rush at lunch

Calvin Murphy, Staff Writer

Sage Creek had its annual Club Rush event last Wednesday where 25 clubs promoted their group and signed up new members. The ASB-sponsored event took place during lunch in the academic mall where hundreds of eager students flitted about the various booths like bees from flower to flower.

There were all sorts of clubs ranging from creative writing club to Ted-Ed to the Red Cross. “Red Cross Club is a great way to make a difference in the community,” said Red Cross Club member Susanna Anil. The Red Cross Club helps out with events run by the American Red Cross Foundation. “We really want to advertise the club and get people excited about the many things we have in store this year.”

The Red Cross Club wasn’t the only club seeking new members in the crowded academic mall filled with the roar of students. “We want to get the word out about our club,” senior Brianna Bunchman said. Her booth represented the Junior Optimist Club, a part of Optimist Octagon International. The club participates in events throughout the community, from serving food at Carlsbad’s Special Olympics to posting signs along the Calavera Mountain trail. “It’s a big part of Carlsbad’s community.”

Students looking for a club were treated to over two dozen colorful booths and displays stretching from the south end of the 1000 building all the way to the north end of the gym. The club representatives manning the booths were overjoyed to see so many students and eager to sign them up as new members.


“Everyone is always welcome,” Zareena Bokhari of the Local Love Charity Club said. Her club “volunteers and contributes to charities while instilling values of generosity and compassion in young adults in the community.” She was joined by other club leaders, juniors Jazzy Chen, Janelle Tarmas, and Brianna Yang.

A popular theme at this year’s Club Rush was the opportunity to join a club to receive community service hours. Bunchman of the Junior Optimist Club highlighted that joining her club “is a great opportunity for people to earn community service hours.”

Students who missed out on Club Rush should not despair.  They still have the chance to sign up for clubs. Bokhari encouraged interested students to “come to our meetings on Mondays at lunch in room 2304,” even if they missed signing up for the Local Love Charity Club during Club Rush.

The success of this year’s Club Rush was summed up best by freshman Ben Stapleton, “Club rush was amazing this year.”