First Concert for Sage Creek’s Finest


Staff Writer, Bryant Kitisin

As the year starts to kick off, our musical program is already in full swing. The instrumental music program will hold their first concert on October 17, 2016 at Carlsbad High School in the Cultural Arts Center (CAC) at 7 p.m. Performances will include pieces by the Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, and the Orchestra program.With a new year, we also have a new teacher bringing new ideas and perspectives: Mrs. Juliana Quinones.

Since the start of the school year, they “have worked really really hard to get this to happen” Mrs. Quinones said. “It’s always hard when a band director leaves and [the students] have to go through that transition.” Luckily, it has been a smooth switch so far as many of her students have exceeded her expectations.

Her students devote countless hours of their lives and energy to do this and although it may be a challenge to balance homework and rehearsals, they are able to get it done. “She has helped us prepare by going [through] part by part until we know that part well” sophomore violinist Owen Damitz said.

With this passion comes a love for the program itself. These students have a wonderful time learning new pieces and practicing for their performances. “I love the orchestra family. Just rehearsing with them, getting better at the instrument, it’s just a lot of fun” sophomore Joseph Preissman remarked. Preissman has been playing for five years and the reason he is still in orchestra is because of his love for the art

Overall, all of the performers and Mrs. Quinones are excited to perform at this event and showcase all of their dedication and passion towards music. Many talents will be shown at the Carlsbad’s Cultural Arts Center and that we hope to cause a commotion at Carlsbad High.