Carlsbad Windmill Turns to Trendy Food Court

The windmill building has served as an iconic symbol in Carlsbad for decades. Now, the landmark has turned into a phenomenal food hall, ready to welcome all. 

This upbeat food court contains fifteen dining experiences. From a wide range of meals to mouthwatering desserts, there is something for everyone. Previously known as a TGI Fridays alongside a Swedish-style hotel, the windmill was in need of a lot of renovation. Owner James Markham was up for the challenge. 

Photo by Nadia Razzaq
Fun For All: The windmill features a variety of arcade games for all ages. Be sure to play a round of flee-ball when you stop by.

The Windmill Food Hall is an experience unlike any other based off of the uncommon yet delicious restaurants. The inspiration behind the chosen places were all provided by James Markham.  

Markham stated, “I just saw a lot of other food halls that I thought people were doing badly and I live locally… I just wanted to do something more for the local community too” 

With every high-quality food hall comes (obviously) delicious food. Here’s our guide on what to try on your next visit to the windmill. 


Mesteeso Coffee
The Bread and Cheese Eatery 
Cross Street Chicken and Beer
Lobster West 
The Fry Fix
Bing Haus 
Windmill Bar 

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