Third-party Presidential Candidates

Third-party Presidential Candidates

As the most intense presidential election in modern history is nearing the end, some voters are still searching for an alternative to Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Although voters would love to have third-party candidates, the chances are extremely unlikely.

Ever since the start of the presidential election, Americans have been eyeing third-party candidates, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, for a possible vote. But with the resounding popularity of Trump and Clinton, the third-party candidates will be completely irrelevant.

Many voters that only pay attention to the the nominees for the Democratic and Republican parties aren’t even aware of third party candidates or what they stand for.

Third parties are different parties where ideas, issues, and ideologies are taken to the national stage.

In our election, the two leading third-party candidates are Johnson and Stein. Stein, a very strong environmentalist, is from the Green Party. Her main concerns are to use 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, protect the environment, and find a solution to the ever growing climate change. Although she is a candidate, Stein is so irrelevant with 2 percent or less in the polls. Our other leading third-party member is the former governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson.

Johnson is a Libertarian with a very controversial stance is on immigration. He fully believes it should be easier for people to get into the United States, which endangers us to potential criminals. Aside from that viewpoint, his concern for civil liberty and supporting of our constitutional rights also follows his campaign.

A growing consensus that Johnson is unfit to be president has been consistently surfacing in the last few months. In an MSNBC interview in September, Johnson was asked about his stance on the Syrian refugee crisis in Aleppo, and he had no idea that the epicenter of the refugee crisis was even in it! This is an alarming concern considering that he is a running candidate who is completely ignorant of a major refugee crisis overseas.

Another example of Johnson’s lack of awareness is when he was asked to name a world leader he respects in another interview with MSNBC. Johnson again failed to answer by stalling until finally stating that he was having an “Aleppo moment.” This is not even the bottom of the barrel, these are just some of the many mistakes Johnson has made while running as another disappointing third-party candidate.

Despite a recent uprising over Johnson’s lack of presence in the presidential debate, a poll conducted on September 29 gives us all the answers we need. Rasmussen Reports clearly shows Clinton leading with 42 percent of votes, Trump with 41 percent, Johnson with 7 percent, and Stein with 2 percent.

To qualify for the presidential debate, a candidate must have at least 15 percent of votes in five national polls and so far,Johnson and Stein aren’t making the cut. In fact, there has never been a third-party candidate that has won the US election.

When people are voting for the third-party candidates, they take away votes from the two main parties. In our current election, voting for a third-party candidate like Johnson or Stein is a vote for Trump.This is because voting for them is taking away votes from Hillary Clinton, who is popular with the millennials.

Although candidates Johnson and Stein had a small chance in recent months, their chances are dropping drastically. Even with the recent debates that have been happening, our third-party candidates will be nearly irrelevant and have a nonexistent possibility of winning.