Driving Towards Change: Bobcat Boulevard


Photo by Sebastian Valencia

The corner of College and Cannon is passed through by many students and commuters every day. The sign and street name of Cannon Road has been a staple in the Carlsbad transit system for several years.

A longstanding high school tradition has made its way to the corner of College Blvd. and Cannon Rd.

The graduating Class of 2019 has plans to make their gift to the school the renaming of the Cannon Rd. extension to Bobcat Blvd. This idea has been popular within the SCHS community for the past few years and has sparked up the conversation on whether or not we would be able to make this idea a reality.

Without the Genius Project of well-known alumna Heather Feldmann, this wouldn’t even be a talking point. Heather now attends the United States Naval Academy, but her legacy resides here at SCHS.

Many people don’t realize the amount of time and effort that is put into a significant change like this one; Feldmann just so happened to be the one to handle that burden.

“As a high schooler, I wasn’t exactly well versed on city policy…I had to sit down and [read through] nearly 100 pages of city documents to see what was and wasn’t allowed,” Feldmann said.

This meeting was the climax of her Genius Project career and once concluded she proceeded to nail down the logistics of it all.”

The City of Carlsbad holds town hall meetings every so often and Feldmann attended one two years ago with a plan. She built— from scratch— an entire blueprint for what the opportunity would give to the school and the community. This meeting was the climax of her Genius Project career and once concluded she proceeded to nail down the logistics of it all.

“I had to work up and down what I would call, the chain of command, to get information from different people in different departments and pull it all together for the final piece,” Feldmann said.

And that final piece is finally being placed onto the puzzle in 2019, courtesy of the current graduating class.

It just so happens that Feldmann’s sister is the current senior class president, Mary Grace Feldmann. She herself has also been a critical role in this process.

Mary is proud of her older sister’s accomplishment, especially now that it is coming to life financially. But, she also highlights the fact that none of this would be possible without the help of our administrative faculty, the Sage Creek Foundation and the generous families of SCHS.

The Sage Creek Foundation is the liaison between potential donors and the City of Carlsbad. Their website provides an easy and clear way for those who choose to donate to be a part of the cause.

Photo by Sebastian Valencia
The sign below the lower lot displays the current address of SCHS. Faculty will need to figure out a plan on whether or not it is necessary to alter the sign as well.

Mary felt that sealing the deal on this once concluded Genius Project would be the best way for the Bobcat Nation to send off Principal Cesar Morales.

As he moves to Panama to pursue other opportunities, one day he will be able to come back and see the newly named street sign unique to our school.

“I’m glad I’m a part of making it happen for her (Heather), Morales and the entire Bobcat family,” Mary said.

The student body and community around SCHS will soon drive up to campus on Bobcat Blvd., just as Feldmann planned. The unveiling date is to be announced in the future, yet there is anticipation around this drawn-out quest for SCHS to become a more established asset in the Carlsbad community.

When Mr. Morales was asked what he wanted as a gift from the class of 2019, he simply said, “the street name change.”