The Sage: May 22, 2019

Brady Caskey, Sophie Mostamand, and Bryant Kitisin

Noah Secades and Boyce Hartsell

Broadcast from May 22, 2019

Anchors: Noah Secades & Boyce Hartsell

Edited by: Brady Caskey, Sophie Mostamand & Bryant Kitisin

Stories Covered:

  • Twelfth Night Recap
    • by: Stephan Ellingson
  • Sports and Announcements
    • host: Stephan Ellingson
  • PSA: Hit and Run
    • by: Madison Young, Bryant Kitisin, Brady Caskey & Ari Beckett
  • Live interview with Dance
    • host: Paige Zepeda
  • Thundercats Feature
    • by: Paige Zepeda