Hope Elementary on Precautionary Lockdown After Suspected Gunshots Near Campus

Bella Niems, Tristin Hoffman, and Christopher Kathman

This morning at 9:02 a.m., Hope Elementary went on lockdown due to supposed gunshots in the nearby canyon. Carlsbad Police fled to the scene with fleets of police cars and helicopters overhead, securing the area. Unsure of what exactly the sound was, students at the school have been on lockdown ever since the “shots” were heard.

At 9:25 a.m. an update to the Sage Creek campus was sent out by Principal César Morales, who stated in an email that  “No incident occurred on campus. Out of an abundance of caution, Hope Elementary will remain on lockdown until Carlsbad Police complete their investigation.”

“I feel for the little kids over there, if you’re a first grader or second grader, it’s scary,” Morales said.

Parents of students at the elementary school include teachers at Sage Creek. Chemistry teacher Tara Andersson’s six-year-old daughter is one of those children at Hope. Andersson commented on how she feels about the current situation.

“It totally sucks, all I hope right now is that my daughter’s teacher has the doors locked, and the windows are shut.”

Authorities have a suspicion that the large sounds could be a result from the construction taking place in the canyon, however, as a precaution, the school will remain on lockdown until a thorough investigation is complete, and it is certain that there is no threat.

Reflecting on the lockdown, Andersson stated, “I just hope that she’s not scared. That’s my hope.”