New Water Filling Station Installed On Campus


Photo taken by Jenny Tucker

The new water filling station is located on the side of the 2000 building facing the 1000 building. It was funded by the PTSA, the school district and the Environmental Science Club.

Jenny Tucker, Staff Reporter

Only a few weeks ago, Sage Creek got its first water filling station. But it’s not just an ordinary water fountain; the water filling station that has a graphic of a hydro flask is specifically designed for filling water bottles, not drinking. That way, Sage Creek students now have a specific place where they can go to refill their water bottles.

Ms. Andersson, a chemistry teacher, gives her opinion on the necessity of the water filling station.

“Personally, I do not care for the taste of water here in Carlsbad out of the fountain, even at my own house, so I bring water from my home… every day to campus. I actually think it’s a great thing for students to have the opportunity to have filtered water at school because personally, I wouldn’t drink it, so I don’t think that they should be expected to drink it either,” Ms. Andersson says.  

Ms. Andersson goes on to say that with the new water filling station, she feels that students will be more inclined to use reusable water bottles now that they have an exact place to fill them up in a convenient manner.

Photo taken by Jenny Tucker
The water filling station is specifically designed for reusable water bottles. According to the hopes of several students and teachers, there will be two more water filling stations installed soon.

Junior Samantha Low, the president of Environmental Science Club, was one of the main students who fought for the installation of the water filling station. Not only did she have frequent discussions with Mr. Morales, but her club also sold stickers and water bottles to help fund a new water filling station.

“I feel like it really started gaining ground when a student, Davis Porvath, noticed a great need for them and… started advocating for them around the same time my club was formed… we kind of jumped on board and we really brought it to the next level and brought more people into it,” Low states.

Low discussed the importance of a water filling station to encourage the use of reusable water bottles due to the plastic epidemic our oceans are enduring.

And she is correct in being worried. According to Plastic Pollution, every year 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans. Additionally, National Geographic states that only nine percent of plastic is actually recycled, while the rest is simply left to decompose over the course of hundreds of years.

This plastic epidemic is all the more reason to have as many water filling stations as possible. And according to Claire Perhach, a member of the Environmental Science Club, having a reusable water bottle has its own advantages too.

it helps the world and it makes you feel better about yourself”

— Claire Perhach

“[Using a reusable water bottle is] an easy change and it helps the world and it makes you feel better about yourself…  you can personalize it with stickers and you stay more hydrated because they’re bigger,” Perhach states.

The new water filling station is located on the side of the 2000 building facing the cafeteria and is now available for use. Students can fill up their water bottles knowing that they are not only getting more water, but they are also making a positive impact on our environment. With one step at a time, Sage Creek can become a more eco-friendly place.