2/19/19-2/22/19: Week in Photos

Phoenix Vaughan-Voski, Lilly McCoy, and Julia Miller

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  • ASB members Cierra Healy and Mary Feldmann sway back and forth during last weeks pep rally, teaching the upper classman a new cheer to use at spring sports games. Last friday, the recognition rally recognized students and faculty for various departments and around campus.

  • The Les Miserables band looks over their sheet music before the show begins. The band was conducted by Mrs. Quinones, Sage Creek’s band and orchestra teacher.

  • Mrs. Porter-Eshleman gathers the cast and crew before the opening night show to do sixteen consecutive claps all together as a way to get focused and engaged. Sage Creek theater company has been doing this pre show ritual since the first production.

  • Hannah Katz and Emma Belnap do their hair and makeup before the show begins. Both Katz and Belnap are involved in advanced theater at Sage Creek regardless of the fact they are only sophomores.

  • Counselors present information about course selection to students in the gym. Grade levels from freshmen to juniors attended the assembly to prepare for their future high school classes.

  • Sophomores gather in the gym to learn more about selecting their courses for junior year. The counselors shared information regarding how students should select their courses as well as the courses available to students.

  • Students line up in front of the Legoland job stand to get information about potential jobs. The JIVE Expo offered many jobs for students ranging from Jersey Mike’s Subs to the Wave Waterpark.

  • Students kneel before the Wave Waterpark stand to fill out job applications. Students attended the Jive Expo in the Bobcat arena to find potential job, community service, and internship opportunities.

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