The Sage: February 13, 2019

Brady Caskey, Sophie Mostamand, Bryant Kitisin, Brady Caskey, Sophie Mostamand, and Bryant Kitisin

Gavyn Townsend and Zach Metzger

Broadcast from February 13, 2019

Anchors: Gavyn Townsend & Zach Metzger

Edited by: Brady Caskey, Sophie Mostamand & Bryant Kitisin


Stories Covered:

  • News Trend: Puppy Mills
    • edited by: Chris Kathman & Isabella Niems
  • Sports and Announcements
    • host: Sierra Jorden & Mr. Manente
  • Man on the Street: Valentine’s Edition
    • host: Isabella Niems & Annabell Astleford
  • Guide to Singles
    • edited by: Brady Caskey & Bella Eiler