The Sage: January 30, 2019

Brady Caskey, Sophie Mostamand, Bryant Kitisin, and Kylie Valency

Jack Baldner and Maddie DeVilbiss

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Broadcast from January 30, 2019

Anchors: Jack Baldner & Maddie DeVilbiss

Edited by: Brady Caskey, Sophie Mostamand, Bryant Kitisin & Kylie Valency


Stories Covered:

  • Meatless Monday
    • by: Tristin Hoffman & Bella Eiler
  • Man on the street: Hoopcoming
    • by: Pheonix Vaughan-Voski & Madisyn Goerlitz
  • Sports & Announcements
    • host: Halil Ballard
  • Interview with Principals
    • host: Isabella Niems
  • Basketball Hoopcoming Hype
    • by: Brady Caskey & Chris Kathman