Band: More Than Just a Class


Photo taken by Drew Winkler

Juliana Quinones in the midst of conducting her orchestra class. They are preparing for upcoming performances.

Drew Winkler, Staff Reporter

The students found at Sage Creek High School are spread across a wide array of personalities, traits, passions and attributions. Each student here comes to school at the same time but it is what kids do in between classes that define who they are. While one student may volunteer for the local community, another could be on the field practicing the sport their heart most desires and others may take to the stage.

For as far back as human history has been documented, music has brought man together despite their differences. It has the amazing ability to pull sentiments and passion into an art form that can be universally enjoyed by anyone and everyone.

What you get at the SCHS band program is an anomaly and something unlike anything else on campus. You get a group of friends who despite their personalities, hobbies and tastes, all come together as one to make music with each other.

Ms. Q tries to set up the environment of the class to be really constructive”

— Tazz Tassinari

“Ms. Q tries to set up the environment of the class to be really constructive where we all have to help each other out and by the end of the year we definitely end up becoming at least some sort of a band family,” senior Tazz Tassinari said, “[We] grow together as classmates and become better friends. [We are] there for each other more which helps us play better together too.”

Some students like sophomore EJ Hardy have even found what they believe is their calling and future career goals through band.

“I want to go to school to be a music teacher, just like Ms. Q, and I want to do some jazz performances like freelancing around LA or New York,” Hardy explained, “I like making people happy with my music.”

Photo taken by Drew Winkler
Students read off of sheet music during their after-school practice.

The idea of starting something completely new and different can seem like a daunting task but fear not! For any of those who are hesitant, specifically within the freshman class, to take that first leap forward, senior Josh Hamilton has got some words of wisdom for you.

“The interest for it is very big and so I would definitely recommend it to any new-coming freshmen that came from any middle school that’s ready to take their music to a new level,” Hamilton said.

Playing instruments isn’t the easiest feat— not by a longshot— but if you give yourself a shot at something new, you may end up finding and enjoying something you never would have thought of for the rest of your life; you might even discover a family you’d never expect to find.