Bobsquad Battle of the Fans

Bryant Kitisin

Bryant Kitisin

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It’s that time of year again. CIF San Diego is holding their annual Battle of the Fans competition. Schools from all over compete to see who is the most spirited fan base in San Diego County. Here is the Bobsquad in action for the 2019 fan season.

In collaboration with The Sage Publication and Sage Creek ASB.
Sage Creek’s Bobsquad CIF BOTF 2019 Submission:
– Nick Sonck
– Carla Kelliny
– Mary Feldmann
– Hanna Karl
– Bryant Kitisin
– Cedric Jung
– Carter Blom
Edited by
– Bryant Kitisin
Song Title: Kids With Lightsabers
By: Spazz Cardigan
From: Youtube Audio Library
Song Title: Honest (KOFI GANG Remix)
By: The Chainsmokers
Music Provided By YouTubers
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