The Sage: December 19, 2018

Brady Caskey, Sophie Mostamand, Bryant Kitisin, and Kylie Valency

Brady Caskey and Madison Young

Broadcast from December 19, 2018

Anchors: Brady Caskey & Madison Young

Edited by: Brady Caskey, Sophie Mostamand, Kylie Valency & Bryant Kitisin


Stories Covered:

  • Christmas Tree Lot Feature
    • by: Sierra Jorden & Summer Fitzgerald
  • Shadow Cats Recap
    • by: Sierra Jorden & Jenny Tucker
  • Sports and Announcements
    • host: Troy Howerton
  • Mall Santa Feature
    • by: Zach Metzger, Gavyn Townsend & Cooper Hancock
  • PSA New Years Driving
    • by: Summer Fitzgerald