12/3/18-12/7/18: Week In Photos

Emilie Anderson and Haili Ballard

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  • Freshman Delaney Karl holds up her CIF Champions Hoodie. This year, her and her sister, junior Hanna Karl, were both selected for the CIF team.

  • A group of seniors with an addition of freshman Shervin Bahmanpour, took a few moments to pose at lunch this Tuesday.

  • This Tuesday, Dan was proud to be showing off his Bobcat spirit for University Tuesday. This week, he happened to be sporting a bright red San Diego State shirt.

  • Freshman wrestler Peter Rubin gets his lip taped by Coach Brian Kirby as the referee and Fallbrook athletic trainer watch. On Thursday, Dec. 6, wrestling had a tri-duel against Fallbrook and Army Navy in which Rubin busted his lip. After the referee stopped the match two times due to the blood, Kirby decided to tape Rubin’s mouth closed in order to stop the blood. Rubin won both matches with a pin.

  • Senior Parmis Sanaei completes her homework in the library during first period off-roll. Other students present, like Sanaei, thrived in the quiet atmosphere of the library.

  • Senior Tessa Grantham shows off the iconic ‘skull’ from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” in her AP Literature class. The class has finished the play and started preparing for a Socratic Seminar on Friday.

  • Senior Lilly McCoy explains her vision for a scene during her Theatre 3 class. The students, McCoy included, have begun to prepare for the senior directing showcase.

  • Theatre 3 students work together to memorize their lines for their senior directing showcase scene. Each director has begun to carefully craft and cast their own showcase piece.

  • Seniors approach Paul DeSantis’ table at lunch to order their cap and gowns. An assembly took place on Wednesday to inform seniors of their options when it comes to their graduation attire.

  • The cast of Les Miserables sing their hearts out in rehearsal, waving a flag of revolution above their heads. The students worked hard over the last month, and continue to practice their show until February.

  • Les Miserables boys listen intently to their director, Mrs. Porter-Eshelman (not featured), portraying members of the “chain gang” as they prepare for their performance in February. The show already made Sage Creek history, setting the record for the largest number of boys in the cast.

  • Senior Garrett Taylor leads his fellow castmates during Friday’s Les Miserables rehearsal. Taylor clenched his fist and pasted on a game face to convince his audience of the revolution in Les Miserables. Vive la France!

  • Seniors Ryan Harazim and Avalon Call run through an emotional scene together during their Les Miserables rehearsal. Their performance holds the potential of being a showstopper.

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