Field Hockey: It’s Just the Beginning

Harper Hughes and Jack Baldner

After a strong start in preseason, Sage Creek field hockey used this season to learn and grow together.  

For many players, field hockey serves as more than just a sport.  It creates an instant group of friends and has made an impact on their high school journey.

“Field hockey has definitely impacted my years here in Sage Creek in a great way by getting me more involved with the school and making super close friends on the team that I can call out to whenever, even off-season,” junior Kelsey Ramirez said.  

Sage Creek is the only school in the district with a field hockey team, and for most players, it is their first experience with the sport.

“Field hockey is an important sport at Sage Creek because it is a sport where girls [don’t need] experience [to join] and [they get] a hang of the sport within a few weeks,” Ramirez said.

This season, the team added a few new players and have incorporated them seamlessly.  

“I made a lot of new friends before school started,” freshman Meghan Swiatlowski said.

Aside from new friendships, field hockey provides the players with an opportunity to try something new and be challenged while still having fun.

“Field hockey sounded fun and I wanted to try something new,” Swiatlowski commented.

they have continued to work hard and always give it their full effort”

Although they have had to deal with trying to keep field hockey as a sport at Sage Creek and had to adjust to new coaches and styles, they have continued to work hard and always give it their full effort.

“We’ve improved a lot since the season started,” Swiatlowski remarks.

The upperclassmen have definitely left an impact on this program and have set an example for the younger players.

“It’s awesome being a role model for the underclassmen,” Ramirez spotlights, “ I just love being able to be a person for them to come to get help or moral support to let them know we have gone through similar obstacles and they will get through it.”