CUSD Champions: Overcoming Crosstown Rivalries


Photo Courtesy of Carla Kelliny

Seniors and Juniors from both CHS and SCHS posed in front of a building with CUSD Champion advisor Rosemary Eshelman. The Champions plan to encourage inclusion and open-mindedness throughout middle and elementary schools.

Sophia Parks, News & Feature Editor

For many living in Carlsbad, there are two very different, very separate high schools. But the district is trying to combat this stigma of separation with their new installment of inclusion and community.

The past couple of years Carlsbad High and Sage Creek High School have both had separate versions of a program to reach out to younger CUSD students in both elementary and middle schools. But this year Carlsbad Unified School District rolled out a hybrid of both Champion Bobcats and Champion Lancers, called CUSD Champions. This comes in the wind of a new effort to promote both schools on the impressionable youth in our community.

The program is comprised of 28 students from the Carlsbad District high schools, 14 from both CHS and SCHS. As the program has just started, the Champions have yet to attend many events but they hope to encourage “inclusion, finding your place and not being afraid to be yourself,” senior Alexis Petty states. The program is headed on by Mrs. Rosemary Eshelman and includes both Juniors and Seniors. You can find our CUSD champions at many local events throughout the year such as Red Ribbon Week, Sandy Hook Promise and Kindness Week.

They represent the students involved in the school and community”

Each CUSD Champion has a trading card which they hand out to the younger students as well as people around the community. They represent the students involved in the school and community whether that is a sport or an academic pathway. When they attend the middle and elementary schools the younger students treat it as a game; trading and collecting the cards of the Champions they can relate with the most.

Through an extremely selective and extensive interviewing process including an essay and video submission. Our Bobcat CUSD Champions are: Christina Della Penna, Allison DelGrande, Garrett Edwards, Mary Grace Feldman, Belle Flannagan, Sierra Jorden, Carla Kelliny, Ana Kirkpatrick, Rachel Metzger, Kenneth Nguyen, Alexis Petty, Jenna Rheinhardt, Daniel Rubin, Nicholas Sonck and Preston Cheng.

Collect all of their trading cards, and trade happy Bobcats!