The Sage Creek Dance Company, More Than Just a Group

Cooper Hancock, Staff Reporter

After a well-prepared performance by the Sage Creek Dance Company during the first pep rally of the year, dance teacher Katie Chrisman was ecstatic about the dances performance. She and her dancers have to prepare every day in order to prepare for their performance in front of over 1200 students.

“We had a jam-packed schedule, so every day was super intense,” Chrisman said.

Photo by Cooper Hancock
The Dance Team rocks the Sage Creek students during their first Pep Rally Performance. This performance showcased how these dancers are determined and know how to bust a move.

With performances requiring so many different sequences, an intense and vigorous practice was needed. Chrisman noted that the team only had a week to dedicate to each part of the performance, which included four to five school periods and after-school rehearsals. Freshman dancer Ashley Kao explains her experience during dance team practices.

“The practices are pretty intense in my opinion, we can spend up to two hours or so working on one dance. Especially with a show coming up,” Kao says.

With more incoming performances for the girls, the practices have changed drastically.

Due to the large amounts of time working with her dancers, Chrisman expressed extreme respect and admiration for the girls.

“I have enthusiastic dancers, they want to be better, they want to work together,” Chrisman said.

She also explained how much fun she has coordinated with the girls as she teaches her dancers how to work together as a team and new tips and tricks for upcoming performances. Sophomore dancer Jordan McAndrews explained the camaraderie among the Dance Company.

“We always work together, when anyone makes a mistake it is accepted. We care for each other like sisters,” McAndrews said. In the eyes of every dancer within the dance company, it can be agreed that they always work together and always know when to concentrate or share a good laugh.

Along with the large amounts of fun, intensity and concentration are very much needed in order to prepare for their next events.

Photo by Cooper Hancock
The Sage Creek Dance Company girls accompanied with the, “Bobcat Boy Crew,” before their fall performance of, “Awaken.” The boys have shown they can dance as well alongside the girls.

“We wouldn’t be able to get through the amount of material, without a really strong structure,” Chrisman explained.  So far this year, the strong dedication has of the girls shines through the dancers already holding their first performance at the PAC GALA at the beginning of the year, a fundraiser for Nicaragua and with their first dance show, “Awaken” being held at the conclusion of this week. All of this along with 15 additional dances upcoming in the dance company’s schedule.

Be sure to attend the dance program’s first show in the Performing Art Center tonight and tomorrow night at 7 p.m. Tickets for this event can be purchased in the dance room in the dance room or on the Sage Creek Dance Company’s Instagram page