10/29/18-11/02/18: Week in Photos

Chase Whitman and Brady Caskey

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  • Principal C├ęsar Morales is nothing short of incredible. Dressing head to toe as “Mr. Incredible,” Morales was completely prepared to compete in the annual staff Halloween Costume Contest that got canceled this year due to lack of time at lunch.

  • Sophomore Noe Avila participated in the annual student Halloween Contest during lunch on Halloween day. Dressing as, “Jesus and his deciples,” Avila coordinated with close friends for their group costume.

  • This Halloween, jaws were certainly dropping at the sight of all of the ghouls and goblins on campus. Some students dressed as humans, some as sharks and many used their costumes for Halloween as a way to spread spirit throughout the school.

  • Students dancing the night away at fall formal this past Saturday, Nov. 3. The “Enchanted Forest,” fall formal was held at Cal State San Marcos and ran from 7 to 10 p.m with over 500 students in attendance.

  • Fun times at fall formal! Seniors Donovan Yates and Jordyn Turner spent the majority of their time at the dance with fellow friends on the dance floor.

  • The D.J. from SOS Entertainment working hard throughout the dance when playing all of the songs that Sage Creek students enjoyed. ASB got an increasingly positive amount of feedback about music choice and transitions in regards to the D.J. in comparison to the “Back to School Dance,” at the very beginning of the school year.

  • Senior Jean-Luc Kiser and Jacob Blasquez on the dance floor surrounded by hundreds of dancing teenagers. A majority of the student body spent their fall formal dancing all night long.

  • Seniors Samantha Blackburn and Gray Hatter slow dancing at the “Enchanted Forest” formal. The classic song, “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You,” was the first of the slow songs that were played throughout the night.

  • Senior Rose Peterson takes advantage of the chocolate fountain at the fall formal dance this past Saturday, Nov. 3. A chocolate fountain was present amongst and array of fondue items.

  • Juniors Kyle Ayson and Noelle Camanyag pose together for a photo booth picture. The photo booth line, although extremely long, gave students another activity to participate in while at the dance.

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