Girls Volleyball is State Bound

Tim Baxter

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Photo taken by Bryant Kitisin and Gavyn Townsend

Volleyball holds up their CIF D2 banner. The Bobcats savored this moment but went right into preparing for State.

The girls volleyball season has come to a close for most teams, but at Sage Creek, the girls volleyball team is playing in the 2018 CIF State Girls Volleyball Championships-Division III.

In the bracket, there are two sides, the North and the South. Since Sage Creek is in southern California, the Lady Bobcats will face other southern division teams. In their half of the bracket, Sage was welcomed with a comfortable second seed. The only school seeded higher than Sage in the southern bracket is the first seeded Ontario Christian. With that, Sage will have home court advantage throughout their quarter of the bracket.

Last night, they faced their first school in their path to a state title, fifteenth seeded Buckley. According to MaxPreps, Buckley has 23 wins with only three losses and Sage Creek tallies 35 wins and seven losses coming into last night’s game. Although Buckley has four fewer losses than Sage, the Bobcats have a national rank of 529, while the Griffins have a national rank of 1,190.

In a hard fought match, the Bobcats took the game in four sets. Sage will be playing Thursday night, at 7 p.m. against the winner of the Palisades and El Camino game. Palisades holds the seventh seed and looks to give 10th seeded El Camino an early ticket home.

*In reference to the CIF State Girls Volleyball bracket and home page.