The Sage: October 31, 2018

Brady Caskey and Sophie Mostamand

Madisyn Goerlitz and Madison Young

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Broadcast from October 31, 2018

Anchors: Madisyn Goerlitz & Madison Young

Edited by: Brady Caskey & Sophie Mostamand


Stories Covered:

  • Dear Edwina Jr. Recap
    • edited by: Alex Estes & Andrew Edme
  • Man On the Street
    • filmed by: Summer Fitzgerald & Sierra Jorden
  • Sports & Announcements
    • host: Maddie DeVilbiss
  • Fiebs and Keyes: Slime
    • by: Christopher Kathman, MadisynGoerlitz and Brady Caskey
  • Halloween PSA
    • by: Tristan Hoffman & Taylor Riley