What to Expect for Fall Formal’s Spirit Week


Photo taken from Sage Creek ASB

For examples of how to dress, follow the ASB Instagram @sagecreekasb.

Julia Miller, Staff Reporter

Spirit week will begin on Monday, Oct. 29 where you can dress up for class cup points and getting hyped for Fall Formal. 

“Spirit week is a way for students to show off their school spirit and I think it’s a form of community when everyone wears the same thing, it kinda brings them together in a sense,” said ASB member Alexander Mitchell.

During lunch on Wednesday there will be a costume contest so be sure to dress up in your best Halloween costumes.


What to wear this week:

Monday- Mismatch Monday, where you can wear blue socks with green socks or polka dot pants with a Striped shirt.

Tuesday- Twin Day, where you can dress as someone you know or they can dress like you.

Wednesday- Wear Halloween Costumesbut no blood, gore or masks.

Thursday- Socs vs Greaser from “The Outsiders.”

Friday- Frat Friday, where you can dress up as a frat boy or girl.