WOW Day October Kick-Off

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WOW Day October Kick-Off

October 19 kicks off Sage Creek’s WOW day, a day committed to life after school.

Many Students at Sage Creek feel that they are unprepared when it comes to entering the world after college or high school.

In order to help students prepare for the workforce after school Sage Creek is hosting World Of Work (WOW) Day.  While sophomores are taking the PSAT, most students will be participating in a career readiness program aimed at new and upcoming industries in San Diego.

The day starts off with a “KeyNote” speaker who will get things rolling with quick speech to acquaint viewers with their topics.  There will be two “Breakout Sessions” where two representatives go into depth about their jobs and, and the industry they work in. PSAT

In light of WOW day, students will be using new programs offered by Naviance to learn about other interesting careers.  Freshmen will be working with Naviance Strengths Explorer to learn about which careers correspond with their particular strengths.

Juniors will be using Naviance Career Interest Profiler, and learning about careers that suit their certain “profile.” Seniors will be learning how to successfully enter the world of work and thrive, but Seniors now have the option of taking a free self defense class instead.

Thanks to Naviance, students will be able to grasp a little more information about jobs, and industries after high school, or college.