Field Hockey Looks to Start the Year with a Victory

Jacob McKibben

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Fall Sports Recap
January 12, 2018
Field Hockey Looks to Start the Year with a Victory

This is the field hockey team’s first varsity season, and they are ready to play. After going 0-6  in the preseason, they believe they have what it takes to make a run for CIF.

“We have had a rough start, but I think we can improve as the year goes on,” varsity coach Jamal Brewer said.

The team just had six preseason games, and are beginning league this week. Most of their games have been close, but they haven’t been able to pull out a win yet.

“Our current record is 0-5, as of September 28,” Brewer said. “This is only the preseason, though.”

With upcoming league games next week, they play their toughest opponents of the year, La Costa Canyon and Torrey Pines. The Mavericks record so far is 11-3 while the Falcons are 6-5-1. The Bobcats are hoping for the best, but most likely won’t fare well.

“We changed leagues when we developed a varsity team, so we have to play against bigger schools, better players, and overall it will be a tougher season,” coach Brewer said.

First year varsity teams mostly tend to have a rough first season, so the Bobcats should not be troubled. This is also their head coach’s first year as a field hockey coach. Coach Brewer has been a coach for track and field for many years. The team is mostly made up of juniors, with one sophomore and two seniors.

“We are hoping for the best. We haven’t had the best season so far, but hopefully we can get a few wins. If not, then at least we tried because this is our first year of varsity and we don’t have any subs,” second year forward Gabi Larsen says.

It’s going to be tough playing against skilled opponents with no subs, as the sport is incredibly fast-paced, with very little stopping time.

“It’s an intense game,” Larsen, junior, says, “I like that it’s fast paced, not to mention, there are no offsides, opposed to other other sports.”

The game is set to be fast paced, as fouls pause the game for very few seconds.

“I think our season will go well, we might win some, lose some, but it’s all about having fun,” junior Chloe McGovern says.