Sneak Peek to Red Ribbon Week


Madison Young

This is the Snapchat Geofilter for this year’s Red Ribbon assembly on Wednesday, Oct. 24. Look out for it!

Natalie Huestis, Staff Reporter

October is an eventful month with Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns. This month also holds one extra special week where our attention is brought to the effects of our actions.

Red Ribbon week begins on Monday, kicking off the annual awareness initiative that aims to curb the effects that alcohol, drugs and tobacco wreck on communities.  ASB seniors Christina Della Penna and Scott Anderson are in charge of coordinating the events and keeping the heart of the week at the center of what they plan.

“[Red Ribbon Week] was started because a DEA agent was killed in a drug war battle several years ago, about 30 years, and so every year we raise awareness to it. This year, we are raising awareness by promoting healthy choices,”Della Penna said, “We’re going to have some lunchtime activities, and then we are having a speaker that was actually a drunk driver himself and so he’ll tell his testimony about how he had to deal with the whole incident.”

Anderson was also part of the Every 15 Minutes program that was put on last year, so for him, this next week is extra meaningful. He stressed why it is so important for SCHS students to get involved in Red Ribbon Week.

“This stuff that we’re putting on and all the activities we have, it’s not a joke and it’s really for a serious cause. The speaker we’re bringing [in] has been in some really bad situations, and I feel like this speaker this year could really impact a lot of people,” Anderson said, “This is a really good opportunity to showcase some light on just how important it is to not drink and drive and be safe with your friends, family and everyone else who may be involved.”  

What we can look forward to for the week:

Monday- Students will have the opportunity to sign pledges and, in return, will receive a red tasty popsicle!

Tuesday- In the spirit of the Red Ribbon Week organization’s theme this year, “Life’s a journey, travel drug-free,” there will be a paper airplane contest, which is also a chance for classes to gain class cup points.

Wednesday– Wear red and you get a wristband! Also, look out for a special assembly during advisory.

Thursday– To promote healthy choices, a juicy watermelon contest will be held for students to eat their way to a win.

Friday- Students will get to experience what it looks like to be under the influence of alcohol through a goggle simulation.