The Sage: October 17, 2018

Brady Caskey and Sophie Mostamand

Camila Moreno and Haili Ballard

Broadcast from October 17, 2018

Anchors: Camila Moreno & Haili Ballard

Edited by: Brady Caskey & Sophie Mostamand


Stories Covered:

  •  Interview about Hispanic Heritage Month with Jacobo N. and Arleth A.
    • edited by: Tristin Hoffman & host: Bella Niems
  • Feature on Mr. Pham
    • by: Troy Howerton
  • Golden Bell Award
    • by: Madisyn Goerlitz and Maddie Devilbiss
  • Sports & Announcements
    • host: Cooper Hancock
      • Girls Wrestling Interview with Lara S. & Kylie V.
        • host: Bryant Kitisin