“The Detention Room” Takes All

The Staff Team Wins for the First Time Ever in the Annual Flag Football Tournament

Haili Ballard and Summer Fitzgerald

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  • Some of the boys from “Let’s Get This Bread” celebrate their first victory together. Sophomores Sam Ginn, Nathaniel Mekis, Warren Howard and Aaron DelGrande are all seen having a great time.

  • Sophomores Chris Welle and David Yoon huddle with their team before the game. Sage Creek’s Flag Football Tournament is an annual event held by ASB in which students compete to eventually face off the Staff’s team, “The Detention Room”.

  • The “Bucket Eaters” pose after winning their first game. Members of the basketball team and other students represented in the Flag Football Tournament on Friday, Oct. 5.

  • The all senior team, “Pit Rats,“ pose for a photo before heading onto the field. Sage Creek students of all ages have the opportunity to form teams with their friends and compete in the annual Flag Football Tournament.

  • Coaches Desean and Brandon seen practicing for the Students v.s. Staff Game. Both of the coaches surprised everyone when it was announced that they would members of “The Detention Room.”

  • The “Bucket Eaters” and “The Wamen Respectors“ play in the semifinals match. “The Wamen Respectors“ moved on to the finals to play the teachers.

  • Senior Oliver Schnitzenbaumer catches a ball thrown by the quarterback. His team, “The Wamen Respectors,” advanced to the final game against the teachers.

  • One of the same! Senior Troy Howerton poses next to English teacher George Porter as he shows off his impressive sharpie beard.

  • English teacher Sarah Hunter practices for the final game against the students. The Detention Room defeated the students with a score of 21-14 in this years Flag Football Tournament.

  • Mr. Morales waits on the sidelines as he gets ready to get back into the game to play for “The Detention Room.” The Sage Creek principal was proud to help take the staff’s team to victory for the first time since the creation of the Staff v.s. Student Flag Football Tournament at Sage Creek.

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