10/8/18-10/12/18: Week in Photos

Stephan Ellingson and Christopher Kathman

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  • Sage Creek’s cross country team practices on the track after school on Monday, Oct. 8. During practice, athletes completed a “tempo run” to simulate race pace conditions.

  • Sophomore Jackie Tucker walks alongside her opponent from Oceanside High School. After a tough match, Sage Creek’s girls tennis team ultimately took the victory.

  • Students look at the schedule board on Oct. 10 in preparation of the rigours PSAT testing ahead. The PSAT was a nationwide test which, normally, is just a practice test for the SAT, but the PSAT can make you qualify for merit scholarships.

  • Seniors eagerly await steaming breakfast burritos inside the cafeteria. In keeping with tradition, a warm breakfast was served after the annual senior panoramic photo this past Wednesday, Oct. 10.

  • A group of seniors enjoy breakfast burritos served to them after the annual senior panoramic photo. Seniors were also provided with complementary sides of fresh fruit and juice.

  • “We’ve developed a really good volleyball community… all of our kids [came in knowing] each other, they’re all friends, and they all just wanna play!” Boys beach volleyball coach Ryan Yates meets with players Scott Anderson and Garrett Edwards on how they’re playing and what they need to do to win.

  • Sage Creek’s girl’s varsity volleyball team shakes hands after their win against opponent Vista High School. Members of the team wore pink jerseys in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

  • Members of Sage Creek’s girls field hockey team smile as their coach gives a motivational pep talk. During the first half of the game, the girls received fierce competition from Rancho Buena Vista High School.

  • Junior Lyla Killon aggressively plays against an opponent from Ranch Buena Vista in a tough game of Feild Hockey. During the game, both teams gave all they had, with Rancho Buna Vista taking the win in the end.

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