Brand New Look has School Loop Users Going for a Loop

Zach Metzger, Staff Reporter

The School Loop website as we knew it is no more.  A new School Loop website design was unveiled on the weekend of Sept. 8.

Photo taken from School Loop
The new School Loop homepage has a very fresh, new look. The website’s design was updated early this year, surprising many students and staff.

The new design portrays a simpler, more organized look. The district’s goal is to create websites for all their schools that are more uniform and easier to navigate. The district worked hard to design the new webpage over the summer to have it ready for the 2018-2019 school year.

Assistant principal Chris Robertson was involved in the process of redesigning the site.

Photo taken from School Loop
The old School Loop homepage had been used by Sage Creek students since day one. The website was known fairly well by most of the students.

“We met with a member of the district’s tech team and we worked out a lot of the different little issues… We really cleaned it up so now the site that you go to today is a very clean, accessible and organized website,” Robertson explained.

Robertson, administrative assistant Jennifer Hatter and Vicki Ruby, the SCHS school registrar, all played a major role in customizing the fresh, new look for this upcoming school year.

Math teacher Susan Woolley uses School Loop daily to post assignments and update grades. She originally customized her profile page so that student resources were easily accessible. 

“I’m just having a hard time getting it to look like something that parents and students can use. I feel like it is harder to find stuff than it was before,” Woolley said.

Sophomore Arin Gadre, like many other students, uses the website each day to check grades and current assignments. Gadre has found a few things about the new website that he is still unsure about.

“I prefer the old one because the login screen was very accessible to me and the other students,” Gadre said.

Although the new page will take some getting used to by staff and students, the future of School Loop looks promising.