Is “Astroworld” Travis Scott’s Best Album Yet?

Album Review

On Aug. 3, Travis Scott released his new album,

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On Aug. 3, Travis Scott released his new album, “Astroworld.” This long awaited album had his fans excited to see what it offered.

Andrew Emde, Staff Reporter

Travis Scott’s album “Astroworld” was inspired by a theme park that he went to as a kid. He was teasing the album for about two years making his fans anxious about when the release date was going to be. Some of the songs in the album are inspired by his past and his current relationship with Kylie Jenner. Travis Scott is known for his unique auto-tuned voice allowing him to work with a very big variety of beats. He was able to pack a variety of styles of music into this album and people really seemed to enjoy it.

Scott started the album out fairly well with “STARGAZING.” The song and music video were released right before the album came out making many fans suspect that the album was nearing its release date. This song starts out with a very chill vibe and a nice punch of bass giving people’s ears a nice sensation. About two minutes and 40 seconds into the song, there is a sudden stop. Then, there is a beat change and the beat is very fast paced. In this part of the song, Scott, started up with fast-paced lines— which is rare for him. He spoke about how fame and money changed him. He also said, “They tryna say that all my problems is improbable” and he means to say that people do not believe him when he says that money comes with problems. Overall, this song is very good and is one of the better songs in the album.

The song and music video were released right before the album came out making many fans suspect that the album was nearing its release date.”

The song “SICKO MODE” brings a lot of energy into the album. The song is made to get listeners in a good mood and hyped up. The song features Drake, Swae Lee and the Notorious B.I.G. Drake starts out the song by saying a few lines. After Drake’s lines, Scott talks about how he has to avoid the news. When he leaves his home, he has to watch out for things like TMZ so he doesn’t get a massive crowd. After Scott’s stunning lines, Swae Lee comes in with his very few lines. Travis also featured the late Notorious B.I.G. by including a past quote of his. After this being repeated about three times, Travis starts up again. Two minutes and 57 seconds into the songs, there is another beat change and Drake does a great job at transitioning. Travis had a really cool voice effect that added to the song overall.

The next song that is outstanding on this album is “NO BYSTANDERS.” It mainly talks about partying and about how partying can get to you. The beat is very good and it has a good amount of bass. Scott artistically keeps listeners entertained during the song. The autotune on his voice is not too heavy, which I prefer. This song is superb and does not get boring, even after listening to it multiple times.

Another song on this list is “YOSEMITE.” This song is very chill and features Nav and Gunna. You can really hear Gunna’s influence in this amazing collaboration. Gunna dominates the song with the hook and Scott gives the melody. Nav makes an appearance in a small part of the song, his segment was my favorite. Throughout the song, they talk a lot about expensive fashion brands, and they also talk about their ‘ice,’ which is diamond jewelry. Gunna says, “I’m feel like I’m chosen, I’m covered in gold,” touching on the fact that he is very rich and spends a lot of his money on material goods. Basically, this song is rappers flexing and saying their lives are exceptional. 

The last song is “COFFEE BEAN.” This song speaks about how Scott’s future wife, Kylie Jenner’s parents disapproved of Jenner and his relationship. The title of this song invokes brown things in general. In the song, Scott says, “Your family told you I’m a bad move. Plus, I’m already a black dude.” With this verse, he is possibly implying that there are some racial tension and discrimination in the Jenner family. He touches on how he is “bad news” and how he is going to be a different person regarding his lifestyle.

Overall, this album is definitely the best album he has ever made. I would rate it at a solid 9/10 because most songs are good but not all are as good as they could have been. The selection of songs is amazing, and all of them are unique in their own way. Even the album cover is awesome as it displays his childhood memories of going to Astroworld.