Club Rush Is Sneaking Up On Us


One of the many clubs advertised at last years club rush was Positivity Club. At club rush, there are a wide variety of clubs students are able to join.

Harper Hughes, Staff Reporter

The day is approaching when the entire student body will amazingly fit through the halls of the Academic Mall. There will no doubt be a lot of people and a lot of signs and a lot of noise. However, there is a reason for all of this magnificent madness: and that is Club Rush.

Club Rush is designed to give students an easy chance to follow their passions and explore all of the different clubs on campus. It allows students to meet new people and sign up for various clubs. It is another opportunity to get involved at school.

“It is important to get the clubs out to the student body and let them see all of the clubs we have on campus and what they offer,” ASB member Carter Blom remarks.

A club gives students a place on campus and helps expand their involvement within the school.

“Being in a club is beneficial because you make a lot of friends and you help out the community and it helps our school,” Blom highlights.

The leaders are able to expand their clubs and inspire the entire Sage Creek population to join the clubs that interest them. All of the members of the clubs are extremely welcoming and motivated to developing connections with all of the students. 

A club gives students a place on campus and helps expand their involvement within the school.”

With over 80 clubs, there is definitely one for everyone. Club Rush is planned so new Sage Creek students can get an idea of what is offered on campus and emphasize that it is not too late for the returning students to join the fun!  You might be pleasantly intrigued by some of the amazing clubs at Sage Creek such as the Tabletop Games Club, Fashion Club, Grub Club and so many more.

If you are wondering, Grub Club meets on campus to discuss different types of food, share their favorites and of course, eat! Who doesn’t like to eat and spend time with their friends? 

There are plenty of unique clubs on campus that you should definitely check out. 

But, if you feel that something is missing from our school that interests you, the opportunity to start your own club is available. 

“You may not believe it, but there really is a club for everybody, and if there’s not, you have the freedom to create one,” Senior Class President and President of National Honors Society Mary Feldmann comments.

That’s the beauty of Club Rush.  

Club Rush will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 3 during advisory and lunch.

“Don’t miss the opportunity to find your niche on campus,” Feldmann emphasizes.

Editor’s note: The original version of this article listed a club that no longer exists: Board Game Club. This club has combined with Role Playing Games Club to form “Tabletop Club.” The article has been updated to reflect the correct information.