Introducing the PAC Gala: Defying Gravity


Photo taken by Kylie Valency

At the end of last year, the Performing Arts Center was completed and welcomed with a ribbon cutting ceremony. To celebrate the new PAC, a gala will be held this Friday to raise money for the Art department.

Emilie Anderson, Staff Reporter

This year, the VAPA department has set a goal to excite Sage Creek students about the possibilities the PAC has to offer by holding a gala.

For a long time, an empty, forlorn, dirt ditch that dreamed of being a performing arts center acted as the morning greeting for Sage Creek students as they trudged their way up the stairs to school. Many even doubted if the PAC would ever be finished, despite the promises of the hard-working construction team that worked on it day in and day out, rain or shine. So as the 2017-2018 school year drew to a close, it’s easy to imagine the feeling of surprise and euphoria that hit many as they gazed upon a new, beautiful performing arts center that was finally complete. 

“It’s a celebration of the arts at Sage Creek,” remarked theatre teacher Jillian Porter, who recently relocated her class into the new facility, “Music, dance, drama, art… we’re all working together on this.”

The reason for this collaboration is clear— the PAC Gala has the potential to make Sage Creek history as the arts department’s largest fundraiser ever. Maybe even more importantly, however, is that it is also an opportunity to showcase the beginning of the inevitable growth the department will go through as they push their limits to show off what they can do with their own performing arts center.

The gala will be held this Friday, Sept. 14,  in the PAC, with an informal show at three o’clock, and a formal show at seven o’clock. The show has a line-up of seven acts and will include a joint performance that features multiple art programs in the department while following the gala’s theme: Defying Gravity. The three o’clock show costs $5 a ticket, and there is no required dress code. The seven o’clock show, however, is formal, so guests should shoot for prom style attire.

As for tickets, there are two options for the seven o’clock show. The first is the $20 general admission ticket that includes access to the show, and the second is the $40 VIP ticket, which not only includes the show, but also two tickets to any other performance by the arts department for the entirety of the 2018-2019 school year. Another perk of the VIP ticket is the access to the VIP section, which will have appetizers and ‘mocktails’ for guests to enjoy. This deal is perfect for those who plan to support the arts department by attending other Sage Creek performances this year and would like to buy their tickets up front while enjoying the special treatment offered to VIP guests.  

—whether involved in drama, dance, tech theatre, art, 3D design, ceramics, photography, or music—”

As the gala creeps closer, students and teachers of the arts department—whether involved in drama, dance, tech theatre, art, 3D design, ceramics, photography, or music— are working tirelessly to prepare a fun, sophisticated evening for all who attend.

“We have a red carpet, an art installation, and a huge drawing with over twenty-five prizes to be won,” Porter said enthusiastically. All they need now, is guests.