08/29/18-08/31/18: Week in Photos

Madison Young, Editor-in-Chief

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  • Senior Link Leader, Valerie Nguyen, sits in the Bobcat Arena alongside the class 2022. The incoming freshman class is the largest to join the Sage Creek campus with over 400 students.

  • Senior Link Leader and ASB President, Danny Rubin leaves with his group of freshman during orientation. Whilst cascading the arena’s stairs, Rubin holds a poster supporting his brother, Peter Rubin, who is one of the many incoming freshman in the class of 2022.

  • Junior Link Leader, Ty Runner, goes all out when it comes to dressing up in order to guide his group of incoming freshman around the Sage Creek campus. Summer may be coming to a close, but on the last day before the start of the school year, Runner continues to radiate with floaties and fun.

  • The class of 2019 gathers at the peak of Calavera Mountain on the morning of Aug. 29, 2018. The senior class gathered that morning in the bottom parking lot of Sage Creek at 5:15 a.m. in order to successfully make it to the top of the mountain by the time the sun rose.

  • The tradition of hiking as a senior class to watch the sun rise as their concluding year of high school comes to a start has dated back to the first Sage Creek graduating class of 2017.

  • Seniors Oliver Schnitzenbaumer, Isabel Sloss, Audrey Azzeh and Matthew Korf pose for a photo on the top of Calavera Mountain during the annual senior hike. The peak of the mountain acted as a prime spot to take photos for the class of 2019.

  • The senior class returns from their long hike up the side of Calavera Mountain towards the Sage Creek campus for the first day of school pep rally on the field. The class of 2019 will enter onto campus and be treated to a breakfast provided by the PTSA and the senior class council.

  • Freshman Lucas Stapleton competes in first ever class cup competition of the 2018-2019 school year during the pep rally on the first day of school. Being the first student from his class to participate in the competition, Stapleton aided the rest of his freshman class to come in 1st place.

  • Senior, Maddie DeVilbiss, competitively devours a donut on a string during the extremely intense first class cup competition of the 2018-2019 school year. With her bucket hat at the ready, DeVilbiss helped the senior class avoid last place throughout the competition.

  • Seniors Garrett Edwards, Harrison Logan, Amanda Schnese, Danny Rubin, and junior, Isa McLellan pose for the first “Fanny Pack Friday” of the 2018-2019 school year.

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