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The Sage is a student-run Media/News/Publishing organization.


2020-2021 school year update: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our staff is currently not allowed on campus in most regards and staff reporters are mainly working remotely. With this being said, our intentions as a publication still remain the same. We vow to deliver insightful and credible articles that are prominent to current news in the City of Carlsbad, nationally and globally as it relates to our student body. We look forward to another great year of reporting.

The Sage is written by the students of the multimedia journalism program and is edited by the editorial staff that oversees all content related decisions and are responsible for allĀ information presented in the publication. The viewpoints expressed in The Sage do not fully reflect the position of the writing staff, Sage Creek High School, or the surrounding Carlsbad Unified School District.

The Sage staff encourages feedback from our readers to ensure we have the most insightful and accurate content possible. The Sage reserves the right to refuse inappropriate messages and/or comments concerning the articles posted on the website as well as the writers. All comments submitted to The SageĀ must be submitted using a valid email address and must include the author’s first and last name. No anonymous comments will be approved.

Articles/ Suggestions and/or corrections can be commented or emailed to – [email protected]

Mission Statement: The Sage strives to inform our readers with insightful and credible articles. As a young and developing program, our writers intend to approach all topics with impartiality, balance, and integrity

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