The Sage Publication is the student news site of Sage Creek High School in Carlsbad, CA

The Sage

The Sage Publication is the student news site of Sage Creek High School in Carlsbad, CA

The Sage

The Sage Publication is the student news site of Sage Creek High School in Carlsbad, CA

The Sage

 Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawerence play a crucial role in both the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. These famous Hollywood actresses were some of the first to come forward about their experiences with sexual harassment/assualt in the entertainment industry.

The Legacy #MeToo and #TimesUp Left on Hollywood

Emma Belnap, Staff Reporter Dec 4, 2020

Now that the film awards season is just around the corner, many actors are apprehensive to see if their character work has paid off. Let’s reflect on how the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have changed...

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 “All In: The Fight For Democracy” movie poster. This film was released September 18 and tackles the issue of voter suppression and where to go from here in order to preserve democracy.

“All In: The Fight For Democracy”: The Survival of Democracy Is On The Line This 2020

Madeline Mack Oct 29, 2020

The historic date of November 6, 2018, fills the dark screen. Election Day, the one that would determine the winner of the Governor's race in Georgia. The race that would decide whether or not Stacey Abrams...

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The Protagonist (John Dacid Washington) and Neil (Robert Pattinson) contemplate on what their next move will be. Tenet exhibits phenomenal visual aspects throughout the entirety of the film.

Tenet Movie Review

"Tenet": A Thrilling Visual Spectacle
Jermaine Shitu, Staff Reporter Oct 15, 2020

“Inversion - the ability to reverse an object's entropy.” - The Protagonist “Tenet” is Christopher Nolan’s most ambitious film to date. His well known and extensive career that kicked off...

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Netflix lovers are heartbroken due to the film production conflicts caused by the pandemic. The production of many shows has been postponed, and even put to a stop for many Netflix favorites. (Design courtesy of Tiffany Leyva)

Netflix Causes a Rupture to The Continuance of America’s Favorite Shows

Netflix Cancels Many Fan Favorite Shows Due to the Circumstances of the Pandemic.
Gabby Mostamand, Reporter Oct 1, 2020

2020 has definitely been one of the hardest years for the entertainment industry. Ever since March 13, all filming on big production studios has been postponed until further notice. While most studios...

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With the rise of female led films, some fall flat with their lackluster stories that attempt to be driven by an agenda. Agenda based filmmaking is the death of good storytelling, and allows lazy filmmakers to depend on an ideal to make a film rather than writing an intriguing story and weaving the message into it.

Why It’s Time to Stop Making Movies with Agendas- It Doesn’t Work

Christopher Kathman, Broadcast Editor-in-Chief Dec 4, 2019

A few weeks after the release of Captain Marvel, I worked up the courage to see the movie. This was despite the not-so-friendly reviews  and the claims of how it was “probably one of the worst marvel...

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John Wick: Chapter 3 Review: Exhilarating, Action-Packed and Downright Fun

John Wick: Chapter 3 Review: Exhilarating, Action-Packed and Downright Fun

Chris Beauchamp, Staff Reporter May 23, 2019

Keanu Reeves is known to be one of the nicest faces in Hollywood and has been apart of some widely-known franchises and pieces of work such as “The Matrix” and 1994’s “Speed.” In 2014, the actor...

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Paddleton Review: 2019s Hidden Gem

Paddleton Review: 2019’s Hidden Gem

Chris Beauchamp, Staff Reporter May 14, 2019

Netflix has been having a great variety of original content lately. Many of which, such as 2017's "Mudbound" and 2018's "Roma," have gone on to earn high recognition for the widely-popular streaming service....

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The DC universe continues to expand as it introduces us to the superhero named “Shazam!”The film is directed by David F. Sandberg.

Shazam! Review: An Electrifying Fun Ride

Chris Beauchamp, Staff Reporter Mar 25, 2019

Warner Bros. Pictures and DC have had a very fascinating and rich history in getting their own franchise built up and accepted by audiences around the world. If you want to learn more about the making...

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“Triple Frontier” follows a group of former special forces operatives, who plan a heist on a high ranked drug lord in South America.

Triple Frontier Review: Netflix Gains Another Win

Chris Beauchamp, Staff Reporter Mar 19, 2019

Netflix is rapidly becoming a more notable platform for filmmakers to explore and use as a distributor to release their work. The widely popular service has found huge success in this industry in recent...

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“Angst” is a documentary covering anxiety in high school students and was broadcasted in every advisory class this past Wednesday. With the film being shown, students were given complimentary pamphlets covering the main topics that were discussed throughout the video.

Angst Opens Discussion of Mental Health On Campus

Ari Beckett and Bryant Kitisin Jan 18, 2019

One out of every 13 teens struggles with anxiety. This translates to approximately 104 students at Sage Creek. Two people in every classroom. Even with as many as 104 people struggling with it at school,...

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“Roma,” in a single word, is ‘remarkable.’ It is an absolute triumph for both Cuaron and for modern-day cinema.

ROMA Review: A Cinematic Achievement & 2018’s Best

Chris Beauchamp, Staff Reporter Jan 10, 2019

There are very few directors who can craft a piece of filmmaking that defines the word ‘special.’ It’s very rare to find these types of films in cinema nowadays. These are ones that touch you or...

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Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga shine bright together in the latest retelling of the classic music story. This was Lady Gaga’s first major feature role and Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut.

2018 Toronto International Film Festival: What’s being talked about?

Chris Beauchamp, Staff Reporter Sep 27, 2018

This time of the year is festival season. Many different artists from around the globe come to these film festivals to showcase their projects and there are always a few that stand out from the rest. On...

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