Where are the Disney Movies Going?


Creative Commons via Flikr

In the Fall of 2019, Disney plans to open up their first streaming service to showcase movies like “Moana.”

Disney has managed to make news headlines frequently over the past year, this time with its new movie and TV streaming service. In late 2017, Disney announced their plans for their streaming service which they plan to release in Fall of 2019.

According to The Verge, “Disney is looking to debut four to five original movies and TV series during the first year of the service.” Disney will be keeping the streaming service strictly for Disney movies, and will be leaving most of their Marvel movies for Netflix and Hulu.

Disney has many original movies that are difficult to find online, so, by including them on their streaming service, many of the movies will be more easily accessible. Although the service will provide an easier way to stream many of the original Disney movies, it might make it a little more difficult to find the more recent ones.

While Disney will be sending many of their movies to Netflix and Hulu, it will also be pulling many movies from their websites. As stated by CNet, “Disney announced its plans to pull movies like ‘Moana’ from Netflix and instead stream them along with future films like the sequel to ‘Frozen’ on its own service.”

The Disney streaming service is a good idea if you have younger kids who mainly watch Disney movies and tv shows, but for people who already pay monthly for Netflix and Hulu, it might be an unnecessary extra charge.

Disney has yet to release the pricing for their new service, however, it is estimated to be around the same price as other streaming services. Disney is also known for their constantly increasing high prices, hopefully this is an exception to that. For Disney-fanatics, this site might take priority over the other services, but the majority of people who already pay for Netflix or Hulu probably won’t pay for a separate service strictly for Disney movies and TV shows.

Although the new Disney streaming website will have many competitors (Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon Video, etc.), Disney has never failed to bring its magic to all of their products. Only time can tell where the future lies for Disney.

Disney is world wide with many Disneyland Parks in multiple countries, in spite of that, the service will be only introduced in the United States at first, and how it does will determine if they will continue to spread the magic and release the streaming service in other countries as well. As a Disney fan myself, I am excited to see where Disney takes this and what the service will include.

Disney’s new streaming service still has a lot of information to be released. As Disney is a world-wide brand with well known quality, I’m sure that the new streaming service wont dissapoint.