Dress Code

MaKenna Manti

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Dress Code

Students are getting fed up with all the dress code standards they have to follow. Throughout our lives, we are constantly being told what to do and we are always given limitations on what we can and cannot wear. The only way students at school can represent who they truly are and express themselves is by dressing the way we like. Even then we can barely express who we truly are due to our dress code. This topic has always been a big controversy on what is appropriate to wear and what isn’t in our school setting.

Although Principal Cesar Morales feels like the “dress code hasn’t been a big issue,” it still affects many people who have been violated for dress code. Morales also states that “students should be adaptable and realize we have to show up to school in the appropriate attire.”

Us as young adults can make our own decisions and decide what attire is and is not appropriate. We as students should be able to show up to school wearing what we think is comfortable and appropriate.

“I’ve gotten dress-coded for really unfair things such as a tee shirt that showed the tiniest sliver of my stomach only when I walked, but when I stood up nothing was showing,” junior Charlee Dowson says. “I also got dress coded for my bralette showing when bralettes are meant to be shown…some parts of dress code are very unreasonable.” We are entitled to represent ourselves by the way we dress and Sage’s dress code shouldn’t be a barrier for students to have to cross over.

Agreeing with Dowson, the dress code has its pros and its cons. One dress code violation I will never understand is why girls are prohibited to wear off the shoulder tops. I have witnessed many girls around campus getting dress coded for their shoulder showing.

Dowson also also agrees this an unreasonable violation. “Why we can’t wear off-the-shoulder tops or halter tops. What’s so distracting about my shoulders?”

Dress code is also very unreasonable for the fact that boys rarely ever get dress coded. The most common item of clothing they get dress coded for is either sagging pants or inappropriate shirts, therefore making dress code mostly about women. This makes women feel like they are more of the target and more likely to get dress coded.
Setting aside the few dress code mishaps Morales says he “is very proud of the students and the way they treat the staff with full respect… we have something really good here so keep doing what you’re doing.”