Greater Things


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The new season of Stranger Things was released on Netflix on Oct. 27. It features old and new characters alike and the resurgence of the “upside down.”

Here it is, the moment we have all been waiting for: the second season of “Stranger Things” has finally come out on Netflix.

This is just a review, not a plot line. I do not wish to spoil this awesome series for you, so I will only breeze over some concepts. The full recap of the season will be in an upcoming article.

This season, much like the previous season, is jam-packed with adventure, excitement, emotion, and a twist of horror. Though there is a year between the events of the two seasons, we see all our beloved characters right where we left them in the last episode of the first season.

We immediately see that Hopper has taken Eleven under his wing, the boys’ “Dungeons and Dragons” party has continued through school (despite Will’s previous disappearance), and Steve and Nancy are still a couple.

Compared to the previous series, Mike has much less screen time, which I personally liked. Seeing as the party is growing up and getting interested in new things, such as girls and video games, Mike has been slowly shifted out of the center of attention. During this season, he still plays a role in the whole scheme of fighting off the evil of the upsidedown, so his particular part was not as critical.

The introduction of new characters this season totally changes some of the dynamics of the show. For example, when a new girl named Max moves to Hawkins, both Lucas and Dustin fall head-over-heels trying to impress her and win her attention. While many people did not like Max’s character at first, she does add a new layer of depth to the show and to the lives of the boys. I personally found it humorous and entertaining to watch Dustin and Lucas compete for her affection throughout the season.

Another addition to the “Stranger Things” cast is a new antagonist named Billy. Billy plays a very similar role to Steve from season one, as he is a big bad dude who adds drama and conflict to the lives of everyone he comes across.

Without going into too much detail, the main “evil” that the party faces is even bigger and badder than last year. They face difficulties with possession, corruption, and social drama. Though the demogorgon from last season is dead, the upside down is still there, and an even greater force is hiding within it.

All in all, this season was incredibly entertaining. There were moments of intense emotion, excitement, and pure enjoyment. The new layers that are added to the story are usually very well introduced (With an exception to episode seven, in my opinion). I personally enjoyed this season just a little bit more than its predecessor, and hope you find it just as good as I did.