More Questions, Less Answers: A Last Jedi Trailer Review


Courtesy of: Disney/Marvel

Star Wars Last Jedi Poster

Its that time of year again; time for the Star Wars hype train to take off.

The most recent trailer for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” has come out, and it leaves the viewers with far more questions than it does answers. Of course, they show the usual action scenes to get the audience excited for the movie, but they also reveal quite a few details in-between the fighting. Let’s take a glimpse at what he have to look forward to.

To start the video off, we hear Supreme Leader Snoke’s voice describing someone as very powerful. As this happens, we see images of both Rey and Kylo Ren flash by on the screen. Now the easy assumption would be that Snoke was talking to Kylo, seeing as they have worked together many times in the past before, but that may not necessarily be the case.

As can be seen later in the trailer, Luke Skywalker is VERY afraid of Rey’s power. You’ll recall in the 7th movie we learn that Skywalker also trained Kylo Ren to be a Jedi, but he went rogue and killed all of Skywalker’s pupils. So now Luke is afraid that the raw power that Rey possesses will also be used for evil.

Even later in the trailer, we are shown Rey and Kylo Ren having a back and forth exchange talking about Rey’s “Place.” This may have been a conversation that was spliced together for the sake of pre-viewing suspense, but even still, the seed is planted in the mind of the viewer: Rey might be heading towards the dark side.

But who really knows? Throughout the entire Star Wars Saga, we have continually seen many Jedi struggle with maintaining the good force within them. In the first three episodes, Anakin Skywalker struggled and eventually caved in to the dark side, as did Kylo Ren. In the original trilogy (Episodes 4, 5, and 6) we see Darth Sidious and Darth Vader constantly try to persuade Luke to join their Sith rule. So it is perfectly plausible that even Rey would feel that pull towards darkness.

That aside, there are many other cool and exciting events and characters that are previewed in this trailer.

For example, we get a quick peek at some new First-Order vehicles, such as the “AT-M6” walkers (new and improved “AT-AT” walkers) and Kylo Ren’s “TIE-Silencer.” In the epic space battle, Kylo seems to be struggling internally to fire at what is suspected to be his mother’s (Princess Leia’s) ship. Kylo, at this point, has already killed his father, and though it was a struggle for him then, he appears to be on course to do the same to his mom. Seeing as she is a large power in the rebellion, this would be a strategic blow for the First Order, but can Kylo do it?

All-in-all, this trailer does a great job of getting fans prepared for the official movie release and it showcases many large plot events that will take place for the die-hard fans, as well as much of the action for the casual observer.

Be sure to catch “The Last Jedi” in theaters sometime after Dec. 15, because as can be seen in the trailer, this is another movie you won’t want to miss.