Hillary Clinton v. Donald Trump


Jacob Mock, Staff Writer

We have two idiots trying to run for president:  a multi-billionaire with harsh opinions and a lying criminal whose husband was impeached from his presidency.

Not our best options. In fact they are the least popular presidential candidates ever— no surprise considering that neither of them are really fit to be president.

Donald Trump seems to be running just to run. He’s not even expecting to win, he’s just trying to boost his sales and make more money. In this sense he is smart, but at the same time, it’s also extremely selfish to knock someone else out of the running who could have potentially been a better candidate. Also, Trump has a reputation for treating women as toys rather than people. Despite his efforts in apologizing and asking for forgiveness, the media and the general public aren’t so quick to forgive him.

Hillary Clinton just wants the title of “First Female President,” and doesn’t truly care about this country. She’s too wrapped up in trying to keep all of her lies straight and selling guns to blacklisted terrorist countries to care about what happens to the United States. Clinton has even had her personal doctor tell her that she is not healthy enough to be traveling around and dealing with all the responsibilities that comes with being president (probably due to the major risk of catching another virus or getting another blood clot).

It’d be bad enough having Clinton as president, but if something unfortunate happened that worsened her health, we’d be left with Tim Kaine who would be worse than Trump and Clinton combined. This guy is a joke. In fact, in the vice presidential debate, he showcased his immaturity by interrupting Mike Pence over seventy times within an hour and a half. He is just a little snake trying to get attention.

The two options we are presented with this year are not our best by a long shot. It’s actually embarrassing knowing that other countries are looking at us in shame. I feel this is the beginning of the end for America. We had a good run on top, but I don’t know what this country has come to. Cheers to another few nail-biting weeks!