The Pros and Cons of The School Board’s Decision to Return to In-Person Learning on Jan. 5


(Illustration by Tiffany Leyva)

Students sitting in a classroom with a classroom with new COVID-19 restrictions. Carlsbad Unified School DIstrict deemed their high schools and middle schools would return to in-person learning on Jan. 5. The decision has been controversial due to varying levels of health concerns for families and staff.

The Carlsbad Unified School District’s decision to reopen in schools in January is perceived as both a positive decision and a negative decision. On one hand, it’s a relief to families and staff who are at risk for COVID-19. As the nation braces for the ninth month of the pandemic it is apparent that the public is growing tired of the virus. Although it may seem appealing to disregard the pandemic in favor of returning to “normal,” returning to in-person learning only to promptly go back to online learning can cause unnecessary collateral damage on the health of the community and the mental health of students.

Contrarily, there is the viewpoint that CUSD must reopen schools if it prioritizes the success and health of students. According to the CUSD, there has been an 8.7% increase in the amount of failing grades issued in 2020, compared with the 2019 school year and mental health has been of great concern as well. Across the country schools have been open since August, yet the CUSD refuses to reopen schools to the detriment of students’ grades, and mental health.