4/15/19-4/19/19: Week in Photos

Riley Hull, Brady Caskey, and Sophia Parks

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  • Josh Hamilton sporting a swim cap covering his eye through goggles with sunglasses and a large hand resembles a cursed image. His costume earned him many cheers during the contest during lunch hosted by ASB.

  • Freshman Gabby mimics viral meme: “ I a’in’t got no sleep cause of y’all, y’all not gonna get no sleep cause me” from Tanisha of The Bad Girls Club, with a printed nightgown, hair cap, and classic pans. Tuesday’s meme day brought an enthusiastic crowd of memes and with over 4 million views her choice was sure to bring an impersonator.

  • The ASB class shows off their school spirit in neon on Wednesday in preparation for MORP. Neon Day was one of the spirit days this past week including: denim day, meme day, tacky tourist and white out.

  • The class of 2019 heads out to their Off Campus Lunch day. Students amassed in front of the gates due to some confusion about when they were being released.

  • Comedy Sports members, Ari Becket, Kaitlin Korn, Steven Ellingson and Joseph Fox participating in a improvisational comedy contest against Carlsbad on Monday. This was the first match in Allison DelGrande’s genius project of creating a comedy improv team for Sage Creek.

  • Students gather on the field after a fire alarm caused the campus to evacuate on Thursday. The evacuation was due to a faulty electrical outlet in the 5000 building setting off the alarm.

  • Campus supervisor Dan DeLyon is crowned MORP court royalty during lunch. Dan received an overwhelming amount of votes from students which won him the crown and a position on the first ever MORP royalty court.

  • Students go crazy at Sage Creeks first ever MORP. What is sure to become a lasting tradition, started in the bobcat area April 19 with a bang and very positive feedback from the student body.

  • Students take a break from dancing and play light up neon air hockey during MORP. The dance also included activities such as foosball and a photobooth for students to participate in.

  • Sage Creek students get riled up listening to “Dancing Queen” during the MORP dance celebrations. The DJ at the dance played a wide range of songs from Mo Bamba to Old Town Road all with the goal of keeping the crowd having a good time.

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